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Our two Central Office locations:


2440 West Broad Street                                                                                                                   

Suite 9                                                                                                                                             

Athens, GA  30606
(706) 546-8293



163 MLK Drive

Winder, GA  30680

(770) 867-7495 



Athens Office:

Lisa Ransom Gautreaux, Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie Nesbitt, Chief Financial Officer
Laurie Iski, Senior Director, Educational Services (also in Winder)
Brenda Dove, Senior Director, Human Resources and Grant Development
Marilyn Lee, Chief Administrative Officer

Stephanie Taylor, Finance Assistant and Weatherization / Housing Program Assistant

Chip Stone, Senior Director, Weatherization / Housing Program
Susan Schoenherr, Weatherization / Housing Program Inspector

Stacey Favors, Full Plate Program 
Crawford Roberts, Full Plate Program 

Winder Office:

Jim Doherty, Career Coach, A.C.E. Program / WIOA

Novella Bolden, Career Coach, A.C.E. Program / WIOA

Lisa Paez, Career Coach, Educational Reentry Program / WIOA

Jon Ryce, Director, High School Youth Program / WIOA

Elizabeth Howell, High School Youth Program Assistant  / WIOA


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