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Community Services and Educational Programs

Community Services:

Throughout our ten counties, our offices provide many services that lend a helping hand. Each county has a dedicated staff member who is available to assist those who have experienced a hardship in their lives by assessing both the need and the solution to getting them past the current situation. Often times the immediate situation is too insurmountable to focus on longer-range goals in their lives. This is where ACTION, Inc. can help. Our services may include assistance with rent, mortgage, and energy expenses as a result of an unforeseen hardship. Applications are taken by appointment only and may be made by calling the county office in which you live.

Educational Services:

We have also taken an expanded role in strategic life planning with individuals and families and are breaking the poverty cycle by helping those who want to help themselves. This is being accomplished through our educational and educational-based training programs which include Opportunities Now, Fostering Transitions, High School Youth, Educational Reentry and Achieving Career Excellence (A.C.E.) programs. Full descriptions are available in this website.

We are trying a different approach to break the poverty cycle by focusing our efforts on those who are motivated to become self-sufficient. We are working side-by-side with individuals from businesses and the community to support and mentor individuals who are committed to making strategic and long-term life changes. Additionally, we have partnered with other service agencies, businesses and schools/colleges to participate in the success of changing lives. This is not a quick fix and ACTION is committed to working with individuals for both the short- and long-term in order to help them achieve their greatest potential.

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