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JOIN with community businesses and individuals who are truly dedicated to changing lives by helping others with education and employment opportunities!  

As a business partner, you have the opportunity to provide internships, on-the-job training, mentors and tutors.  We will work with you and your business to help match the best candidate to your organization and opportunity.  We also encourage Volunteer Mentors to work with our dedicated candidates, who are doing everything it takes to make their lives successful, by offering that extremely important support and accountability relationship that we all need. Donations will be used to directly assist our Opportunities Now candidates with the barriers ..... such as tuition, childcare and transportation ..... that affect their ability to get the education or training that is necessary for their success. 
Contact us today to see how you -- and your organization -- can truly make a difference in ending poverty one person at a time!

Our Business Partnerships:
Chambers of Commerce

Our Educational Partnerships:
Athens Technical College
Lanier Technical College 
North Georgia University
University of Georgia

Our Partnership Agencies:
Salvation Army
Athens Land Trust
Community Connections
Family Connections
County Departments of Labor
County Housing Authorities
Department of Family and Children Services
Council on Aging
Regional Commission
Our County School Districts
St. Joseph Charities
Action Ministries
Our Daily Bread
Interfaith Hospitality Network

Join ACTION, Inc. today and get involved!

We are always looking for mentors, partners, and donations. Contact us today for more information on how you can help others and change lives.

Donate today to help change lives!